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I was at work earlier, picking up some guests from a bar, and this drunk college-looking girl tries to get in. I explain to her that it's a hotel shuttle only.

She says to me "I hope you crash and burn."

So, because I couldn't give this girl a ride, she wants me to get into an accident and presumably die or be horribly burned.

What is that? Where did we go so wrong as a society that a person wishes another person to be horribly maimed and probably killed over something so unbelievably petty?

I know what you're going to say. "She was just drunk or stoned or soemthing." "Don't let it bother you, she's just an idiot." "She didn't mean it seriously." I understand all of that, but it's still a very shitty thing to do.

Yes, she was messed up, but people tend to act how they really are under the influence. At least, in some way.

And maybe she wasn't serious and just using that as a way to express disdain. She wasn't joking. I've had people joke about killing me, hell, I've had a whole room of people sit around and think of elaborate ways for me to die for a good forty-five minutes. But those were jokes, they come from a different place. When did wishing that on someone become okay? When did people become so mean that a simple "piss off" or "fuck you" just isn't enough? When did people's anger and selfishness become so important to them that they have to throw the most horrible things at people in order to satisfy their hurt feelings?

The worst part about it is that, afterward, I yelled at one of my employees because he had his car parked in a guest check-in space. He mostly deserved it because he knows full well that he's not supposed to do that, but part of it was fueled by what that girl said.

It's things like this that make me lose faith in people. I don't know. I'm probably not gonna get an answer and I'll probably forget about it fairly quicky. It just kind of hurt that someone would do that.
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A great man....

---Steven Purcell, as we're driving from the storage facility which we've put Amanda's things to grab more stuff:

"I've gotta go get my double bed to put in there for me and my BITCHES."
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I'm heartbroken that Heath Ledger has died and that we've lost another actor of limitless potential who, by all accounts, was a genuinely good-hearted person and seriously devoted to being an actor and not a star. I like every one of his performances I've seen, especially Monster's Ball. He will be missed.

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I've been in a funk, people. (And get all the obligitory Janet Funk jokes out of your system....everybody kosher??..Jonathan, we're waiting on you....ok) As I begin to type this, I'm sprawled out on my floor, curtains drawn, listening to music that would make the emo-est of emo kids say "God, why are you such a whiny bitch?....I'm gonna go hate my dad." It's funny, immediately post break-up, I was Captain Gung-Ho of the Self-Improvement Squad (we have badges with sparkles). "I'm gonna walk 4 miles a day" and "I'm gonna get out and be all social all over everybody" Now, I just sleep for forty hours a day and check my e-mail every 15th of a second to see if anyone commented on that post I wrote on their wall two weeks before. So, why the rut? Besides my chances with Rich being dashed by his impending nuptials? (You said it was forever, you bastard!!!!!!)

Well, for starters, I need a new flippin' job. I don't know if anyone's ever worked the night shift before, but what eventually happens is your job kidnaps your sleep cycle, brainwashes it into thinking it's a hyperactive, methed-up lemur and then punches it in the eye every few seconds to really mess it up. I have no idea when I'm supposed to sleep. I sleep at all different times of day all the time. It doesn't help that the body is naturally opposed to sleeping during the day. Days off really get awkward, 'cause then you want to sleep at night like normal folks do and then your body just stops. Hits the wall like Ben Hackett after a third of cheap vodka. Sucks ass. However, I've tentatively been offered the accountant's position at the Chateez. It's like 30 grand a year in American dollars, which is pretty sexy and it would be during the daytime. Plus, I could actually be around to spend time with my peoples, which I sorely need because, well, the old man is a bit lonely.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have Karisa and the Upstairs Sunshine Band, which has gone a long way in preserving my sanity, but I miss having lots of people around and being able to be within walking distance of some campus impromptu drunk bash with Lathrop strumming out Seven Nation Army. Despite all outward appearances, I'm actually a very insular person. A lot of times, it takes someone pushing me out the door to get me to go anywhere. The more pushers I have, like at Eureka, the more likely I am to leave the warm glowing warming glow of my comic books and other nerd paraphenalia and speak to actual people. And when I do get out, I'm not as open as I could be with everyone. I get afraid that people can't take me seriously if I'm not making jokes every other second. Which I know is untrue, but on some level, I'm just not used to the idea, I guess. I've come to the realization that I want to throw myself out there and really talk to people and get to know them better. Not just the ones I don't know real well, but the ones I've already spent years with. So, if you see me online or in person, talk to me. I might not always be the sunniest cat, but I'll give it a shot.

And lastly, but certainly not least...ly, when I post on here, it's rarely something I've thought of, typed and posted in one sitting. I have an idea and then, because I'm such an obsessive guy when it comes to being funny, I walk away from it 'cause it isn't up to some unattainable level of comedy nirvana, weeks go by, words and phrases are painstakingly chosen and more often than not, I just don't post anything. Thusly, I lose the nerve to say things that I want to say to people or about them. So, the following is a list of things I've overthought and been too nervous to say. So, I'm just gonna thrown down with them, so here goes.

**Erika and Sara McVeigh are Fucking hilarious. Bow down accordingly.
**As much as I joke, I really do have the best roommates ever. Scrabble and HAUN-TED have saved my sanity, children, so has a furry ball of maniacal love we call Stevie.
**Underneath all the sarcasm (which I love so much) and edgy humor, I think Rachel Dooly is quite attractive.
**Sarah Yeagle tops my list of people I want to get to know better. Even without Jonathan's threats of violence to my person.
**Josh Doetsch needs to live in our closet. His wisdom will save us all.
**Since I was 15, I've had OCD. Not the "I just have to clean my room every other day" kind, the full-blown, check the locks 15 times, goes to therapy, Adrian Monk kind. Minus the hot single mom nurse chick. Though I do solve mysteries every week. I've gotten much better in the last year and a half. I have no physical symptoms anymore. It's kind of hard to explain. If you want to know, just ask me. I'll make up something.
**I've been kicKing myself for awhile because I had a chance to spend tiMe with someone who I haven't seen in a while and miss quite a bit and instead goinG to see her, I sat in front of a Facebook "Compose Message" screen for two weeks trying to tell her how I feel. Maybe I'll get the chance to soon.
**The following people need to come hang out with me because I miss them: Sam Rech, Sam Rech, Sam Rech, Em Czarnowski, Tara, JR, Pasty, Aaron Davis, Bangert, Sara Joy and Ted Nugent. Rich Funk gets his own sentence 'cause I jones for the sound of knees makng that god-awful scraping sound and jokes which make me a horrible person for laughing at. But seriously, I do miss you, Rich.

And I'm spent. It may not be perfect, but this time, I don't really care. Old man out.
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As most of you guys know, I don't post real often unless I really have something to say...or I need to remind everyone just how funny I think I am. I'm sure well get to the latter in a bit, but something happened to me this week and I'd feel remiss if I didn't say anything about it.

Everyone who lives upstairs and some of you might have heard me mention that this week was "Anger Week". Basically, it was me saying "I'm gonna be really pissy this week and say things I wouldn't normally say because Amanda dumped me and I'm entitled, goddammit." What it really meant was I could feel the anger about the situation building up in me. Every time she made a post or I saw her face, I could feel the rage well up in my ribs like they were going to break from the sheer volume of it. I could feel my eyes hurt from the amount of effort I was putting into the angry look on my face. I thought if I didn't put my fist through something, I would go insane. All the numbness from what had happened to she and I had worn off. Now, ordinarily, I don't like being this upset. But this time, it felt right. It felt natural. Was there any other way to feel?

Fast forward to a few nights ago at work. For those who don't know, I work at the Chateau hotel in Bloomington. This guy I work with, nice guy underneath all the sarcasm and defensive humor (sound familiar??) has a tendency to get thouroughly pissed off at customers and incompentent staff. And after a mix-up with the girl we relieved and a bitchy flight crew waiting at an airport, this nice guy was a second away from losing it completely.

We have a rule about not shuttling people that aren't guests. Simple enough, right?
A bit later, my guy gets a call from one of our bartenders, Mike, who's at some other bar and wants him to take a guy back to the hotel. Still pretty simple. When he gets there, however, it's Mike's daughter, who wants to go back to her house and a guy who isn't saying a word. My guy is now ultra-pissed because he thinks Mike's using him to get his daughter and some random guy a free ride. Now depending on who you believe, he either took them back to her house or dropped them off on a random corner somewhere. Either way, he's visibly angry and uncomfortable and he and the gentleman get into a bit of an altercation.

So, several times during and after this is all happening, our boss and Mike call us both wanting to know what happened. They're both spouting out some really nasty things and it's while my co-worker is talking to our boss trying to justify what happened that I see it. All that anger and bullshit hatred that I felt so cozy in with my marital problems is on full display right in front of me. And I'm watching all this happen and seeing how far this nice guy who's taught me all about the things in life that really matter, like Japanese wrestling and comic books, and the other two getting over something so small and suddenly being that pissed didn't seem so natura anymore. I didn't want all that anger. It's not often you get to see a different version of yourself show you just how much of a dick you're being and where you could end up. As it turns out, the guy was a guest in the hotel, so my guy just made a mistake because he was upset and now he might get fired because of it. All the more reason to retire from the "Hulk Smash" Brigade, I guess. So, if I was cross with anyone these last couple weeks, my neighbors especially, I'm truly sorry.

I have a funny mental picture of everyone sitting at thier laptops reading this thinking, "Oh my God, why's he's being serious?" That makes me smile a little bit. You know, I do have it in me, people. But then again, you probably already know that. I've got more to say pretty soon, actually. 'Til then, old man out.
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A fair bit of warning....

Tonight is the release of the biggest popular literary event of the decade. And, subsequently, the biggest gathering of super nerds since Jar Jar kicked the Star Wars saga squarely in the junk. I have recently become one of those nerds, (although, I have a girlfriend who I occasionally get to see naked. (Nerd voice) Boobies rule!!)

(Clears throat) Anyway...if anyone blows the ending or anything about this next Harry Potter book for me, Amanda, or the Fleug, I will strap you in between Rich Funk's legs and have him do that gross knee thing in your ear for, like, a year. Rich, if you ruin anything, you'll have to have sex with Chad Kroeger. And you'll have to hold him and just talk afterwards.

I only say all this because as I am reading the books now, I would really like to hop in a Delorean and tell myself not to ask Amanda how the 5th and 6th books ended back when I wasn't interested in them. One of these days we can all have a spirited discussion about who lives, who dies and how many positions Ron and Hermione have wizard sex in, but for now, just try to use some discretion and don't ruin it for those of us who haven't got the books yet. I know I might sound like an asshole, but these books are really good and I wouldn't want to ruin the experience for me or anybody else. Thanks.
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So...I was the maid of honor this weekend at my mother's wedding. I await your befuddled comments. And your expressions of non-surprise.
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